A Complete Pentest-as-a-Service Platform in the Cloud

Deliver pentests as a continuous process, linking clients with pentesters for ongoing, collaborative security and process management. Cyver is your pentest partner.

Automate manual work 

Pentest Automation

Cut manual reporting and management with automation, linking tools to project templates, and reports. We do the repetitive work, so you can get back pentesting.

Automated Reporting

Automatically generate reports (Web and PDF) using work data with customizable report templates with Markup Language, CSS, and tokens.

Vulnerability Scanner Integrations

Link tooling like Burp, Nessus, OpenVAS, and more to easily import findings directly from tooling into client dashboards and reports.

Compliance Norms Mapping

Automatically connect findings to standard compliance norms like OWASP Top 10, SANS Top 25, or ISO27001 to generate meaningful reports.

Pentest Checklists

Build accountability and transparency with customizable pentest checklists like OWASP Top 10, OWASP Testing Guide, ASVS & more.

Align People and Tasks 

Team Management

Gain real project oversight & insight with team and task management tooling. Cyver’s platform enables accountability and transparency across projects.  


Real-time Notifications

Update stakeholders in real-time as project status changes, tasks become available, & clients make requests.

Role Management

Build teams and assign roles to automate project setup and offer stakeholder collaboration as a standard. 

In-app Communication

Offer a better experience with real-time, in-app communication, so you never have to share data over email.

Assigned Tasks

Automatically assign tasks to relevant roles and start pentests with full oversight of who’s responsible and why.

A new way to manage pentests 

Project & Findings Management

Get freedom to scale with simplified pentest project management. Cyver links organizes your work so you can scale without hiring on more pentesters.

Project Templates

Save time on every pentest with customizable project templates to automatically set up processes & tasks. 

Full Traceability

Automatically document findings, pentest tasks, and checks for full traceability and accountability across projects. 

Findings Management

Manage findings with libraries, labels, and attributes like CWE and CVE to organize and track completed work. 

Project Wizards

Onboard/Offboard projects, share results and manage project workflow with step by step Wizards to automate every process. 

Collaborate on client security  

Client Portal

Deliver more than just the report with a full suite of client-facing tools designed for collaboration, remediation, and project management, so clients can resolve issues.

Actionable Findings

Share actionable findings as tickets, so clients can quickly review, understand, and resolve vulnerabilities

Collaborative Pentesting

Clients see vulnerabilities and updates in real time so they can work on fixes immediately and stay secure.

Pentest Insights

Get at-a glance updates with project and vulnerability dashboards detailing risks areas and pentest results

Client Tool Integration

Give clients the oversight and control they need with integration for Jira and other project management tools 

Improved customer experience 

Relationship Management

Increase the lifetime value of every client. Cyver offers the tools you need to build longer, stronger client relationships with collaboration and customer experience.

Pentest Pipelines

Stay on track with project forecasting and scheduling to plan resources & workforce management, so clients stay happy. 

Client Management

Get at-a-glance overviews for clients, with complete documentation, history of findings, and vulnerabilities.

Recurring Pentest

Deliver automatic, recurring pentests so you earn more per client, and they stay more secure with a long-term partnership.

White-Label Branding

Rebrand Cyver’s client portal, reports, and templates to deliver improved customer experience under your own brand.


A digital experience platform
for pentesters

Deliver fully-secure pentest-as-a-service in the cloud, complete with a responsive UI and integrated support portal. We’ve thought of everything so you don’t have to.


Share project details, communication, and findings in a fully secure environment. Cyver encrypts traffic, access, and data storage, with 2-factor authentication for portal logins, to ensure you stay safe. Click to see our security standards.

Cloud Access

Digitize pentest deliverables with a cloud interface between you and the client. Cyver offers cloud access for you and your end-clients, so pentest management, communication, and deliverables are as accessible as possible.

Responsive UI

Get complete freedom to access, share, and manage data across devices, with a fully responsive UI. Cyver adapts to your device, whether you’re accessing findings, uploading files, or generating & viewing reports or dashboards.

Support Portal

Cyver is designed to be as intuitive and user friendly as possible and that means having a support portal built in. We offer full documentation, user guides, and end-user guides, so you don’t have to. Click to view our support portal now.

Any questions?

We're here to help

What is Pentest-as-a-Service?

Pentest-as-a-Service digitizes pentest workflows, replacing manual communication and reports with digital workflows. It means real-time results, live communication with clients, and findings as tickets. It also means standardized costs with a credit payment system and a delivery model in our secure cloud platform. No more email, no more 30+ page reports, just modern digital dashboards and tickets that make resolving vulnerabilities as easy as possible.  

How is the platform secured?

Cyver is fully secured, regularly pentested, and regularly backed up. All user data is stored redundantly and automatically backed up inside Microsoft Azure architecture, with fully redundant server architecture and network connectivity. We take security seriously, and you can see a full list of our security practices here.

How Can I Promote my Brand with Cyver?

When you onboard with Cyver, you essentially add a digital layer between you and the client. At the same time, Cyver is fully white label. When you onboard your clients to our platform, they see your branding and brand name. You can also fully customize reports, project templates, and other digital assets. Your clients, your brand, powered by Cyver. And, you get to market your business as selling Cyver’s capabilities, just like you would if you were using Nessus or Burp.  

Can I Use My Own Pentest Tools?

Cyver is not a pentesting tool, it does not replace your pentesting tools or handle any aspects of pentesting. Instead, it’s a pentest project management and delivery tool. Cyver integrates your existing tools like Burp, Nessus, NMap, and OpenVas to automatically import findings and build ticket and report deliverables for clients. Your pentesters continue to do work in the tools they know and love. Check our integrations here